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Vineyard Contracting

Vineyard Dynamics was founded in 2009 by Andrew Sacha with his son, James. As a small independent Vineyard Contracting Company, Vineyard Dynamics can offer a number of services. Namely: Site selection for new vineyards, varietal choice, pre planting and ground preparation, planting and trellis selection, design and installation. For established vineyards, Vineyard Dynamics has a broad base of understanding and practical experience in pruning and training, spraying and pest management, soil enrichment, testing, weed control and harvesting.

In summary, Vineyard Dynamics can provide a combination of services that includes short, medium and long term projects ranging from a day's pruning to an annual programme of management and care.

Vineyard Dynamics can provide clients with, for example, the work and costs associated with transforming an area of land into a working Vineyard. This study will provide you with a comprehensive appraisal that includes the number of vines required, the most suitable variety for your wine of choice, the anticipated yields and the most appropriate trellising system for your site.