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Blackberry planting Punch Bowl Valley 3_25_winery_1.JPG vines in bucket

Vineyard Contracting

Vineyard Dynamics is involved in evaluating new and existing Vineyard sites, site appraisal, vineyard layout design and costing and in the ongoing management and maintenance of Vineyard Estates.

Vineyard Dynamics is able to offer feasibility work and site evaluation leading to improving vineyard sites, selecting varietals, winter pruning, vine propagation and nutrition, planting and trellising options, weed control and sustainable viticulture.

Vineyard pest management and summer canopy management and overall evaluation of the canopy quality. Spraying PA1 was obtained in August 2011 and PA6 (Hand Held Applicator) in May 2012. PA3a (Air Assisted Spraying) was passed in May 2014. Continuous professional development includes topics on Winery Design,Trunk Disease, Vineyard Biodiversity, Planting, Trellis erection, Pest Control and Sustainable Viticulture. Qualifications in Chainsaw Crosscut Operations and Forklift driving obtained February 2014.

Early in 2010, Vineyard Dynamics planted Punchbowl Valley Vineyard in Thursley, trialing a number of different grape varietals and trellising methods in what is a typical steep sloping Surrey Hills setting.

Further to regular working visits to the Languedoc (Domaine Leon Barral) and Sicily, pruning and harvest work in the vineyards and cellars, a number of contracts in England have been won since 2011.

In 2014 Vineyard Dynamics managed the successful planning and installation of the trellising at Blackberry Field Vineyard, West Sussex.

Denbies Wine Estate, vintages, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Vineyard and Cellar work during harvest and pre and post harvest work, including pruning and spraying. c/o Marcus Sharpe (Winery) and Duncan McNeill (Vineyard).

New Hall Vineyards 2012 Pruning c/o Darryl Kemp

Blackberry Field Vineyard, West Sussex, 2012-14 Annual Spraying Programme and Trellis construction 2014. C/o Helen Andre